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Serenade Chocolates (SKU #7716)
US $25.00
Delivered within 2-3 weeks
  • Serenāde Chocolates
    At the beginning of the last century a young and very talented chocolatier worked at the Laima factory. He was greatly in love with a girl; instead of simply proposing to her he decided to do it in an original manner. As the sweetest proof of his love he created a new chocolate and named it Serenāde - a gift to his beloved one. Do you know a woman to be able to reject such a sweet proposal? True love has power over time. It is proved by the fact that from generation to generation Serenāde has been among the most popular sweets; its symphony of taste is made from the same ingredients used for making the very first original Serenāde back in 1937 – fruit gelly, apricots, nuts and a touch of magic only a real chocolatier knows. Today Serenāde is also sold in a souvenir-box that makes a special gift long after.

    This product does not ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Japan or China

  • Weight of box 14.6 oz (415 g)
  • Riga, Latvia

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