We believe that the latest exciting additions to our stock will bring you joy and pleasure,
letting you experience the quality of craftsmanship and artistic imagination
that have gone into each and every one of the products we offer.


Traditional Latvian silver rings handmade by Mikelis Augis. Will look beautiful on your own or your loved one's finger. link click here to see more




A DVD recording of the 10th Latvian Youth Song and Dance Festival: choir singing; dancing; colorful national costumes; brass bands -- lots of youthful fun. link click here to see more


Our linen bags (not pictured) are available in a variety of motifs inspired by Latvian folk ornaments and art-nouveau design, as well as by nature itself are pretty, practical, and environmentally sound. link click here to see more




If you know a young reader or are one yourself, you can now choose from a variety of titles in Estonian. Fairy-tales, exciting stories, even the Estonian translation of "Harry Potter" – all lavishly illustrated and bound to provide hours of reading pleasure. link click here to see more

Stay cool with 100% hand-loomed linen sweaters from Latvia! Different styles for both women and men. link click here to see more


Wear your heritage with pride! If you were "Made in America with Latvian (or "Estonian", or "Lithuanian") Parts" you can now tell the world with a T-shirt featuring the flag of the land of your ancestors. link click here to see more



Estonian Cuisine: this cookbook in both Estonian and English is bound to transport you back in time to your mother's and grandmother's kitchens. And you will learn a trick or two to impress your non-Estonian friends! link click here to see more


Estonian Tastes and Traditions: ever wonder where some of the more exotic foods and traditions treasured in your family came from? This book has the answers, plus recipes of many delectable treats. link click here to see more


Two CDs by Meiemees: a must for anyone who wants to stay on top of Estonian pop! In no time at all you will find yourself singing along in perfect Estonian! link click here to see more




Silva Rerum (in Lithuanian), a first book by Kristina Sabaliauskaite who established her reputation as a journalist, certainly did not go unnoticed in Lithuania and is bound to please many a discerning reader abroad. link click here to see more

Children's books

Zoolidays by Bruce Glassman is a prize winning children's story beautifully and imaginatively illustrated by the Lithuanian Rolandas Kiaulevicius. In English. link click here to see more

Baltas gulbiu sostas (in Lithuanian) by Janina Degutyte is touching, beautiful, and interesting. For children and their parents! link click here to see more



Why not show off your heritage with a unique baseball cap? link click here to see more


Mandaugus dramblys, a collection of children's songs, will have the little ones hopping along in no time! link click here to see more

Žemaitiu ruoks by Atalya – for all those who love Lithuania and Lithuanian folk music but are looking for new interpretations of old favorites. link click here to see more

Kaip aras pašautas… This CD is about loving one's land through music. Patriotic, serious, and lovely. link click here to see more



2 new CDs

Lini, a folk band from Minneapolis, MN present a 2-CD set of many of the best-loved Latvian folksongs. The legendary band Trīs no Pārdaugavas, popular in the 1970s and 1980s both among Latvians in the free world and among those behind the Iron Curtain, on CD for the first time! This 3-CD set features seventy of their pop favourites. link click here to see more


Cuisine in Latvia by Lidija Šelvaha, with recipes in both Latvian and English, will allow you to try to recreate at home what you remember tasting at your relatives' houses or favorite restaurants in Latvia. Labu apetīti! link click here to see more

Children's Books

Matīss meklē Latviju (in Latvian) – Matīss in Search of Latvia – is a nice introduction to Latvian history through the adventures of a little boy. Time travel at its most colorful! link click here to see more

Reiz sensenos laikos (in Latvian) – rediscover the magic world of Hans Christian Andersen through the audio interpretations of his tales by the most popular actors and radio and TV stars! link click here to see more

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