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Latvian Choral Music - Ave Sol
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Ave Sol
Sidrabina lietins lija (Spell Of Silver Rain) (SKU #3361)

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  • Riga Chamber Choir AVE SOL,conductor Imants Kokars.Recorded at the Church of St. Francis in Riga.
    This CD presents folkloric works for choir written by Latvian composers during the period 1966-1990, a selection of songs from the 9th volume of the Anthology of Latvian Choral Music. This was a period when Eastern and Central European countries experienced the so-called new wave of folklore. In their treatment and choice of folk music material, composers began to favour elements from the deeper, more ancient layers of folklore, and give priority to lasting values: man's close affiliation with nature and work, and the endless cycle of life and nature affirmed through seasonal and family ritual songs. Younger generation composers found the improvisational nature of folk music well suited to modern compositional techniques, and revealed musical possibilities hither to unexplored in folklore.
    1. Janis Kalnins. God walks through the fields
    2. Janis Kalnins. The swarthy bride
    3. Aldonis Kalnins. My bride lives far away
    4. Aldonis Kalnins. Sing with me, girls!
    5. Aldonis Kalnins. The guests lead the dance
    6. Aldonis Kalnins. Spell of silver rain
    7. Pauls Dambis. A herding song from Nica
    8. Pauls Dambis. Going dancing with my brother
    9. Pauls Dambis. Winter games
    10. Peteris Plakidis. Rain, rain, go away!
    11. Peteris Plakidis. I sent my bay horse trotting
    12. Selga Mence. Even from afar
    13. Selga Mence. The hills beyond the Daugava
    14. Selga Mence. Nothing comes without toil
    15. Selga Mence. The orphan girl
    16. Anita Kuprisa. The youngest daughter
    17. Anita Kuprisa. Prepare yourself, silvery sun!
  • Riga, LATVIA

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