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Ruta Chocolate Masters Collection. The History of a Hundred Years (SKU #15383)
US $58.00
Delivered within 2-3 weeks
  • An impressive collection consisting of 21 types of handmade chocolates, dark chocolate and dragée arranged as a tree of sweets - like an oak tree dedicated to the talent of the factory founder A. Gricevičius, the continuity of traditions, values, the power of history and family strength. 36 chocolates with different fillings symbolize the fruit of a unique confectionery tree, the dragée represents the earth, while the dark chocolate bar represents the trunk of a majestic tree.
    The collection is a symbolic confectionery tree, a century-long journey from the past to the present. It is like a genealogical tree of Rūta’s history, reflecting a long and very interesting way of chocolate making; the variety of fillings and chocolates and the possibility to obtain a unique appearance of sweets thanks to ever-improving technologies. Rūta chocolate masters invite you to try it and get carried away into the most memorable moments of the past and recent discoveries! In addition to the chocolates, the box also includes an invitation for two to the Rūta Chocolate Museum next to the factory. Here you will learn the history of chocolate of nearly 4,000 years, how chocolate and its consumption traditions have changed over the centuries.

    This product does not ship to Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Argentina or China

  • Weight 19.4 oz (550 g)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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