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Vilniaus bomberio ispazintis by Dailius Dargis (SKU #13831)
US $26.00
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  • Thousands of editions published bestselling author of the Lithuanian mafia Dailius Dargis in the latest, third book "Confessions of Vilnius Bomber" shows her as documentaries, crime novels writer prowess - tells the story of the twentieth century's most famous bomber.
    What was not bomber ... Among them - even rebellious Aleksandras Uljanovas, a conspiracy for the rest of life inspired by the most famous Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin. It seems that the failure of the terrorist act involving A.Uljanovas and the Russian Revolution led to the historic.
    This original book tells the story of the sharpest Vilnius bomber and exclusive gangsters engaged in killings, blood marked the twentieth century life. the last decade.
    Vilnius bomber called Valery Januškevičius sentenced to seven times for a lifetime, perhaps the only Lithuanian criminals decided sukrečiantysliudijimams - for how much, what and ways in which the "value". Mechanical devices interested secrets from Vilnius confessed to killing people solely focused on killing tools, and now it attracts the opportunity to learn how to work the entire world crazy mode of propulsion Apple's computer.
    The author enrolled dozens of hours of V. Januškevičius and other living far the most important witnesses in the case stories, got a bunch of emails and processing the huge volume of criminal cases in the book give the journalist realized that he had held some information bomb on their hands.
  • In Lithuanian, paperback, 424 p., 10" x 7" (25 x 18cm)
  • Lithuania, Vilnius

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