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KGB vaikai by Justinas Zilinskas (SKU #13757)
US $25.00
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  • Justin Zilinskas novel KGB Children "takes place in Lithuania in 1996. This is a story about young people who are being persecuted Rasa and later, besiaiškinančius KGB secret, discovers that they themselves would become a repressive structure of experiments on human beings - the direct and non-existent. Also - this is a kind of 1996's current affairs and human life painting.
    This is - an adventure novel: a lot of speech, running, jogging and a little philosophy. This is - a historical novel: six years of independent Lithuania, the reality, the political situation and the daily life of Soviet-era relics. This - detective novel: players address the traditional tasks: What? Why? Qui bono? This is a - somewhat mystical novel: these people are not in vain called "KGB children.
    Sokoto "makarena, watched the eerie series" Beverly Hills, "and do you remember Motorola's mobile brick or mystical device pager? Then this novel completely immerse you into the story has become youthful atmosphere. Younger readers may take some time to realize how much due to possession of mobile phone and why actors neguglina, but reading it will be able to admire the realistic paintings and their crazy adventures.
    And indeed - this is a novel about you.
  • In Lithuanian, paperback, 432 p., 8-1/2" x 4-1/2" (21 x 12cm)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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