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Lietuvos medines baznycios. Lithuanian wooden churches by Raimondas Paknys, Dalia Vasiliuniene (SKU #13485)
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  • Despite the uniformitarian Western art style and art of sacred canons of the impact of Lithuanian wooden temple is very unique. They formed the uniqueness of the parish and the country's events, church patrons and founders of artistic ambition and taste of professional opportunities for artists and artistic artifice.
    Many of the oldest and most beautiful, most art with Lithuanian heritage wooden churches in the Lowlands - Beržoras, Degutis, Lioliai, Pikeliai, pate, and elsewhere. Wealthier parishes and religious communities belonged to a more complex plan, and the volume of the church (Lauksodis, Alsėdžiai) built by skilled, well, maybe coming from the professional builders, interior equipment for their excellent artistic level. Uznemune or earlier within the Diocese of Vilnius old wooden church (Griškabūdis, debate, Šešuoliai, Tabariškės) closer to the stylish brick architecture - they are probably designed by a professional employed by the Vilnius region, architects, built and decorated by experienced craftsmen.
    The authors sought to create a book that is translated into an impressive, but the most beautiful temples and unusual images. Therefore, it is not only common to the exterior and interior views, but often overlooked many things: a unique altar, pulpit, organ decorative carvings, columns, walls, ceiling fragments passed ax marks, the distinctive angles that help feel the charm of wooden temples.
    Arrange the important moments of history are delivered to the churches, to discuss the exterior and interior features, the most important monuments of art. There is an introductory article.
    Described and photographed 47 Lithuanian wooden church.
  • In Lithuanian, hardcover, 240 p., 10-7/8" x 12-1/2" (27 x 31cm)
  • Vilnius, Lithuania

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