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SHOPPING SERVICE IN RIGA is offering a shopping service in Latvia. If there is an item from Latvia you can't find, please fill out form including description of the item, if applicable, price range, shipping address, any other helpful information. If you don't know the specifics, then describe what type of items you are interested in, for example, childrens books about animals, folk costumes from Western Latvia, etc. Rukitis will do his research and reply to you by e-mail shortly, usually within a couple of days.

If the item you are looking for is available, the reply will include price(s), shipping and handling expenses, as well as expected shipping and delivery dates. If the item needs to be ordered, the details will be included. If Rukitis can't find the item within a couple of days, or it is not produced within Latvia, we will recommend similar products if available. In some cases, a more involved search may be needed for which you will be billed up-front.

Once you find the offer acceptable you can proceed with payment via credit card or by check. We will provide the instructions. There is no charge if we can't find the product you are looking for or it is too expensive.

For deliveries within the US the price will include custom duties. For deliveries outside the US the addressee is responsible for all applicable duties.

Refund and return policy for Shopping Service:
Since the goods are purchased and shipped for a specific one-time orders, they can not be returned for refund. If the product has been received damaged, is defective or you have received the wrong product, we will either replace it or issue a refund upon the receipt of the returned item.

We reserve the right to start charging a flat fee for initial research, should our Rukitis get bogged down with pure information gathering requests and start complaining!

All orders taken using a secure server based in the U.S.A., LLC 2000