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Walters & Kazha
The War Is Not Over (SKU #3334)

US $7.00
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  • Latvian Eurovision Entry 2005 Walters & Kazha have just released their CD Maxi single on MicRec PM Label.
    "Yes, the war is not over, it just begins", add Walters & Kazha.
    "We are still fighting for our own place on the European music scene. We are ready to do our best at the Eurovision semi-final. The main reason of releasing this CD is to promote the song and show our musical taste since the Maxi single also contains some other tracks, not only the Eurovision entry. Many people compare us to the Olsen Brothers (winners of ESC 2000) and sometimes even call us "The Little Olsen Brothers"! So, we decided to cover their lucky song "Fly On The Wing Of Love" and you will find this track on the Maxi. Hopefully it will bring us some luck, too!"
    Walters & Kazha are members of the band "Putnu Balle" (Chicken Run) and their track "Another Creep" will also appear on the single.
    1.The War Is Not Over
    2.Another Creep Vs Chicken Run
    3.Fly On The Wing Of Love
    4.The War Is Not Over (Dj Sveix Dance RMX)
    5.The War Is Not Over (Instrumental)
    Written by Martins Freimanis.
    Published by MicRec Publishing
    Track 1 arranged and produced by Gints Stankevics
    Track 2 arranged and produced by Gints Stankevics & Andris Sirants
    Track 3 written by Jorgen Olsen. Copyright Jorgen Olsen / IPM, Copenhagen
    Arranged by Andris Sirants. Produced by Gints Stankevics
    All songs recorded and mixed at “Elko Studios”, Gints Stankevics
    Track 4 remix by DJ Sveix

  • Lyrics of "The War Is Not Over"

    I slowly walk into the night around
    To see how dreams of people die
    They gently fall from windows all around
    And crash against the ground like glass
    And I’m so sorry I’m so helpless in this angry world
    If only I could change it for one day

    The war is not over everyone knows it
    It’s just a reason to make us believe
    That someone’s the looser someone’s the winner
    To make us believe that’s the way it should be
    But I don’t wanna believe

    In the story they all tell this fairytail has gone too far
    I take a step and dare myself to be free
    To see how beautifull we are that everyone can be a star
    If only we would start believe in dreams
    Believe in who we are

  • CD Maxi single
    2005 Riga, Latvia

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