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Tallinna Siluett Assortment of Filled Chocolates (SKU #31246)
US $15.00
Delivered within 2-3 weeks
  • The assorted candy box Tallinn Silhouette (Tallinna Siluett) is decorated with a new image from the archives of the Tallinn City Museum, which depicts the Toompea hill through the eyes of the 19th century artist Wilhelm Siegfried Stavenhagen. The inside of the box lid features a legend about the city of Tallinn and the old man of �lemiste written by the renowned historian J�ri Kuuskemaa in Estonian and English. The candy box with city views will be a part of the series called Tales of Tallinn (Lood Tallinnast). Over the decades, the traditional assorted candies of Kalev have become a separate term, designating classic chocolate candies made of high-quality dark chocolate and certain fillings. This box contains assorted candies of the three most popular types. The oval candy with cream filling is a nice combination of a light and smooth milk-cream filling and dark chocolate. The favourite of many! The flavour bouquet of the dome-shaped candy with cr�me brule filling is rich in caramel, reminding of the dessert by the same name. The heart of the hexagonal candy with chocolate filling contains a delicious filling with orange nuance, which is covered with real dark chocolate. chocolate lover.

    This product does not ship to Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Japan or China

  • Weight 6.2 oz (175 g)
  • Tallinn, Estonia

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