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FN Fine Rye with Fruit & Nuts Bread (Genuine Latvian Light Fruit Bread) - 900g HALF-LOAF (SKU #25069)
This item is no longer available
  • This item can be shipped only to the US
    We now offer our Light Fruit Bread in a smaller package. Easier to store and easier to enjoy!
    The light fruit bread is based on the Latvian Sourdough Rye, but has dried plums, raisins, hazelnuts and apricots added in. This bread is all handmade and baked in wood-fired ovens. The bakery and ingredients are certified by the National Environment and Health Center of Latvia.
    Shipping via USPS Priority Mail takes 1-3 business days to get anywhere in the US
    This item can be shipped only to the US
  • Ships FROZEN from Connecticut.
    Not sliced.

    Total net weight approx. 2 pounds (900g).
    Ingredients: unbleached rye flour, yeast free natural fermentation (rye flour, water), apricots, dried plums, hazelnuts, raisins, sugar, rye malt, salt, lemons, sulphur dioxide (preservative in dried fruits)
  • Baked in Latvia

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