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Bracelets 1
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Alternating Charm Bracelet
Auseklis (Morning Star) Bracelet
Austras koks (Tree of Dawn) Bracelet
NEW! Ball Bypass Bangle Bracelet, with Latvian symbols on ball ends
Bracelet. Leather with bronze ornaments
Bracelet. Leather with silver ornaments
Bracelet. Leather with silver ornaments
Bracelet with Modern Namejs
Bracelet with Sunburst
Bracelet with Sun Symbol
Bracelet with Symbol Charms
Bracelet with Wheel of Symbols
Braided Segment Bracelet
NEW! BronzBronze Namejs Segment Bracelet
Chain Bracelet with Morning Star (Auseklis) Charm
NEW! Chain Bracelet with Sun Charm
Chain of Symbols Bracelet
NEW! Chain of Symbols Bracelet
Latvian Charm Chain Bracelet
NEW! Latvian Charm Chain Bracelet in Bronze
Latvian Ornament Chain Bracelet
Latvian Symbol Bracelet
Latvian Symbol Bracelet
Moon Symbol Bracelet
NEW! Morning Star Charm Bracelet in Bronze
Namejs Flat Link Chain Bracelet
NEW! Namejs Segment Bracelet
Protection Symbol Bracelet
Radiant Sun Symbol Charm Bracelet
Sea of Symbols Charm Bracelet
NEW! Sun Charm Bracelet in Bronze
NEW! Sun Charm Chain Bracelet
Sun Symbol Charm Bracelet
Symbol Charm Bracelet
NEW! Twin Sun Bracelet in Bronze
NEW! Twin Sun Chain Bracelet
Woven Bracelet with Morning Star Symbols

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