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Bread Plan (10 shipments)
Dark Ryeloaves per shipment
Sourdough Ryeloaves per shipment
Carrot Breadloaves per shipment

Forward from NY by UPS Air
Shipped from New York every 2, 4, or 6 weeks
  • Genuine Latvian Rye Sourdough Bread “Rudzu Saldskābmaize” is produced by farm “Lāči” in Latvia and it was awarded a silver medal for exceptional quality at the international Riga Food ’98 expo. Lāči bakery has restored the ancestral Latvian tradition of baking genuine rye bread the way it has been done in Latvia for centuries. The bread is baked in a real brick oven, leavened in wooden dough-troughs, the loaves are made by hand. “Lāči” bakery and the raw materials are certified by the National Environment and Health Center of Latvia.

    This order consists of 10 consecutive shipments. Bread is shipped every two weeks by air-cargo from Riga to New York and then forwarded by UPS to individual US addresses. Your order will be prepackaged in an individual UPS box in Riga, so it can be forwarded from New York immediately upon clearing customs (as opposed to unloading in a warehouse, packing and shipping, which would delay your bread order). If you would prefer to receive the shipments every 4 weeks or every 6 weeks instead of the standard biweekly shipment, please let us know—you will see a message box at the checkout.

    Shipping to the Eastern US states (generally East of the Mississippi river) from New York generally takes 1–3 business days.
    Shipping to the Western US states (generally West of Mississippi river): choose between 1) UPS 3 Day Select—generally shipping time from New York is 3 business days, or 2) UPS Ground—generally shipping time from New York is 4–5 business days.
    Contact us for rates to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

  • Net weight: Sourdough Rye bread—approx. 5 pounds (2.2 kg), Dark Rye bread—approx. 4.4 pounds (2 kg). The loaves are hand made, therefore there will be slight variation in the net weight.
    Ingredients: rye flour, leaven, rye malt, sugar, caraway seeds, salt. No preservatives or additives are used.
  • Made in Latvia

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