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How to Link to as an Affiliate?
You can link to in a number of ways, by using our banners, buttons and text links. You can choose the type of link that would match best the style and content of your site.
When you fill out our Affiliate Program application, please choose an Affiliate ID of your choice consisting of 4 letters or numbers. Once your affiliate application has been approved, you will use your affiliate ID to create links.

Here are a few suggestions on how to link to our site and start earning referral fees to your Affiliate account:

Option 1. - Quick and Easy.
Link directly to our homepage allowing your visitors to browse our entire catalog. For those who want to link to our site with minimal effort, creating a link to our homepage is a great way to offer your visitors an opportunity to earn you referral fees from resulting sales.

The best results are usually achieved by combining a text link with a button or banner.
Standard banner (size 468x60 pixels)

To place this banner, simply cut and paste this link to your HTML document:

Make sure you replace YOURID with your Affiliate ID.

Option 2. Feature specific items and link directly to those products.
You can identify specific products within that you may feel would interest your visitors and encourage sales. If you are a music related site, you might link to Music items. If you are a site for Collectors , you might link directly to an item in BalticShop that would interest your visitors. All you need to do is, browse through the inventory, and copy the url of the item pages that interest you, and then add these to your Affiliate ID when creating your hyperlinks. You can make your hyperlinks using images or text, or both. To create Affiliate links to different items, simply change the last part of your unique Affiliate linking code to the page address you require.
You can choose to provide as many Affiliate links as you like, using your unique code and changing the destination for each link.

Example: The Latvian hockey site has a direct link to the Latvian hockey jersey in

The best results are usually achieved by using both text link and a picture, for example:
text link to the Latvian Hockey Jersey, item number 839 (you can find item numbers by looking at URL):
hockey.jpg would be a picture of Hockey jersey, which can be copied from our website.

Text link:

To link these items from your site, ABCD would be replaced with your Affiliate ID. To link other items, the item number (839) would be replaced with the number of your chosen item.

Here are some graphics available to you:

We also welcome suggestions and feedback from all our Affiliates.

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