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How does the Affiliate Program work
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Affiliate Program?
The Affiliate Program offers other web site owners a chance to offer authentic Baltic products to their visitors, earn money and increase traffic on their web site. As an Affiliate, you can earn referral fees by linking to our site. handles all the Order Processing, Customer Service, Product Fulfillment and recording while you sit back and earn referral fees.

How much will I earn?
Affiliates earn 7% of gross sales on all sales attributed to their Affiliate link. You earn referral fees on all qualifying sales except those that are returned by customers. Gross sale is defined as money collected from sales of product minus returns. Referral fees will not be paid on shipping, handling or sales tax charges.

Do I need a minimum number of orders to qualify or be paid?
We pay referral fees for all products that you sell to customers you refer. We track your sales using your unique affiliate code. At the end of each calendar quarter, all accounts are reviewed and we issue checks for Affiliate members who have earned more than $50.00 in referral fees. If your account has earned less than $50.00, we will carry your credit forward and issue you a check at the end of quarter when your earned commissions are $50.00 or more.

How much does it cost to become a Affiliate?
Nothing! There are no membership or application fees and no minimum monthly sales requirements.

How do you track sales?
When visitors to your web site click on the links you provide, we track their visit to our store. Whether you link to our Home Page, a department or section, or to a specific product we can suggest which areas would be of the most interest to your visitors. While at, customers can add any product to their shopping cart or browse through the stock. When ready to purchase, customers simply press the "Checkout" button to order products online. will send customers an email confirming their order, as well as handle the order fulfillment and any other Customer Service needs.

How will I receive sales information?
When you join as an Affiliate, you will be issued a code and a password to check your account. Your unique code is to be used on all links to This way we can track your sales and calculate your referral fees.
Your code and a password will allow you to privately check your sales and traffic to as often as you'd like. Figures are automatically updated.

Does my website qualify for the Affiliate Program?
We welcome all sites, small and large, to apply for the Affiliate Program. Most sites are automatically accepted. However, we reserve the right to remove you from the program at any time without prior notice if it comes to our attention that, in our sole discretion, your site is unsuitable for the program.
Unsuitable websites include those that:
  • Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
  • Promote violence
  • Promote unlawful activities
  • Violate intellectual property rights
  • Promote the use of bulk e-mail or spam
  • Promote the use of pyramid schemes
  • Contain content that is threatening, defamatory, fraudulent, obscene or harassing
  • Contain nudity or pornographic material

What are my responsibilities as an Affiliate member?
You are responsible for:
  • Creating accurate links to our site so that we may track your sales.
  • Displaying the Affiliate Program logo on your Home Page and other prominent areas on your site.
  • Ensuring that your website does not violate copyright, trademark and other laws.
  • Ensuring that your website contains material that is appropriate for affiliation with, as stated in the Affiliate Program Operating Agreement.
We are responsible for:
  • Order Processing
  • Delivering products
  • Providing great Customer Service and everything else!

May I purchase Baltic products through my links for my own personal use?
According to our Operating Agreement, we do not pay referral fees for personal orders. The Affiliate Program is designed to help you earn money and add value to your web site by selling quality products from the Baltics to your site visitors.
You can choose to have your referral fees paid in merchandise credit.

Do I need to provide customer service?
No, will provide all Order Processing and Customer Service for your visitors.

May I join other Affiliate programs?
Yes, many sites are already affiliated to large web sites or music sites, so by also adding to your site, you can enhance your visitors experience and provide yourself with an additional revenue source.

What are my linking options?
You have a number of linking options. You may choose to link to our entire inventory of Baltic products, you may link to certain departments or you may link to those products you want to offer.
See our instructions on how to link to for more detailed instructions.

Can I build my own 'BalticShop', 'EstonianShop', 'LatvianShop' or 'LithuanianShop'?
Yes, as an Affiliate you can provide your site visitors with product images (which we supply), so you can build your own 'BalticShop' on your own site, and by using your special Affiliate code to link each product to the relevant page within, we will process and handle all orders, and you will earn referral fees for each sale. However, we are unable to grant permission for you to use externally written reviews on Affiliate sites. You are fully responsible for ensuring that your web site does not violate copyright, trademark and other laws.

Do I control the design of my store?
Yes, you control the design, navigation and editorial content for your 'BalticShop'. Only when customers link to a product page or department do pages appear.

How many products can I list?
You may offer the entire inventory to your visitors. Or, you may decide to feature specific products you want or categories of products by linking to our Departments, depending on the preference and interest of your visitors.

May I list product prices?
We recommend that you do not list prices on your site. We often change our prices to continue to provide customers with the best value which may cause the prices you list to be outdated. Displaying incorrect prices could result in confused and unsatisfied customers.

May I take an order directly from my site?
No! To ensure that your visitors receive the most accurate and up-to-date information, we require Affiliates to use the order system. We update our prices and change the availability of products everyday. Our goal is the same as yours: Happy customers!

Where is my Affiliate code in the URL?
Please note that when a customer clicks on your link to our site, your Affiliate code will no longer be visible in the URL. Don't worry - you are still receiving referral fees to your account! Our system reads your Affiliate code number automatically and begins tracking your sales.

Ok, so how do I join and what do I do next?
  1. First, read the Operating Agreement to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions for becoming an Affiliate,
  2. Then simply fill out the Application form and send it to us.
  3. Most sites are accepted. Unless your site does not conform to the conditions laid out in the Operating Agreement, your site will be accepted.
  4. You will then be issued your unique Affiliate codes, to link to us and to track your sales.
  5. Simply add the links with the special codes to your site and start earning referral fees.
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